Vehicle Rentals Terms & Conditions - Calgary

Please read the Zoom Rent-A-Car Calgary rental terms and conditions and car rental policy in full before making your car rental reservations. If you have any questions, please call our office now to speak to one of our sales representatives.

For our Toronto car rental policy and rental terms and conditions, please visit this page.


Hours of Operation

MON-FRI : 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

SAT-SUN : 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Driver Licenses and Requirements

Any valid North American and International licenses are accepted. All non residents of Canada must carry a valid passport.

Security Deposit

We accept all the major credit cards for security deposit (VISA, Master Card, AMEX, Diners). We do not accept visa debits cards, cash or checks as a deposit. A minimum deposit of $500 plus rental amount is required at the time of pick up. All Luxury car rentals requires a minimum of $5000.00 deposit on a major credit card also specialty vehicles like 12 passengers require $1500 security deposit.

Payment Methods

Zoom Rent-A-Car accepts the following methods of payment:

Debit Card, VISA, Master Card, AMEX, Cash, and Dinners Club but we do not accept check as a payment method.

Pick-Ups and Drop-Offs

We provide a free shuttle service to and from the Calgary International Airport. After you have retrieved your luggage from the baggage area, please call us at 587-885-8888 for shuttle instructions. Then cross the Arrivals roadway and wait at the designated shuttle pick up area identified as bus bay #22, opposite to door #6 at Arrivals level. Upon arrival at the shuttle pick up area, please call us directly at 587-885-8888 or by pressing Zoom.

Pick Up Directions

After you have retrieved your luggage from the baggage area please call us at 587-885-8888 for shuttle instructions and then cross the arrivals roadway and wait at the shuttle pickup area identified as bus bay number 22 opposite to door number 6 at arrivals level. Upon arrival at the shuttle pickup area please call us directly at 587-885-8888

Mileage Restrictions & Geographic Restrictions

Travel allowed in Canada and USA only. Unlimited kilometres allowed for travel in Alberta only. Local renters Alberta residents do not qualify for unlimited mileages. If the vehicle travels outside of Alberta, kilometers are 200km daily, 1400km/weekly, or maximum of 3000 km/contract. Local renter’s mileage is restricted to 200kmdaily, 1400km/Weekly & 3000k/monthly. Out of Province travel or crossing border to USA:

Destination must be mentioned at the time of the rental. An additional charge of $9.99 daily will apply for out of province and $15.99 daily for USA travel. Non authorized travel out of province or to USA will be fined.

Fuel Policy

Vehicle must be returned at the same level of fuel as rented to avoid a service charge of $25 plus cost of fuel.

Commitments & Terms

Vehicle will be held for you for 2 hrs beyond your reservation time. If you are late by more than two hours we cannot guarantee you a car. If you reserve a car to be picked up at the closing time, the grace period will be 30 minutes after closing time. After hours pickup past the grace period time will cost $60 in addition to the rate. Prior arrangements can be made for after hours pick up (maximum 2 hours) at an additional charge of $60. Please contact the office for details.

LDW or CDW insurance Policy

Proof of insurance coverage is mandatory In order to decline our LDW packages and insurance proof must be presented at the rental counter at the time of pickup.

Credit cards insurance coverage do not have any 3rd party liability coverage and a mandatory charge will be applicable. You may read your certificate of insurance online to confirm the coverage.

LDW options:
1.Low Cost (LDW) Save Money & Still Protect $ 2000 Deductible: $16.99/Day+ Taxes
2.Reduced Responsibility (LDW) $1000 Deductible: $21.99/day+ taxes
3.Drivers Choice Minimal Responsibility $500 Deductible: $25.99/day+ taxes

The only coverage applicable for international drivers, underage drivers and Class7 drivers will be: LDW $25.99/day ($2000 deductible)

Other charges and fees for Services Offered

Underage $20/day

G.P.S $9.99/day

Baby Seat $9.99/day

2 additional drivers permitted at an additional charge of $7.99 per daily (per additional driver)

Car types

The vehicle displayed and models listed are the most common vehicles used by our car rental partners. We cannot guarantee the make or model of the rental vehicle will be the same as the vehicle displayed on our website.

Age Requirements

Minimum Age: 23

Age 23 to 25 - $20 Surcharge applies.

Age 21+ for Moving Trucks

Age 23+ for regular cars/minivans/SUVs

Age 25+ for Luxury Vehicles and 12 passenger vans

Cancellation policies

All Cancellations for non specialty vehicles must be submitted 72hrs prior to pick up time to avoid a cancelation charge; otherwise you will be charged one day rental charge at our regular rates. Any cancelations on confirmed reservations for specialty or Luxury vehicles are subject to a full rental charge as per the reservation. This applies for the following vehicles: minivans, 12 passenger vans, SUVs, luxury vehicles, convertibles and moving trucks.

Rental Extension / Late Return Policy

All the rental agreement extensions have to be done over the phone or via email 48 hours prior to the return time. Combining online promotions to rent for long term is not permitted. Once already in rental agreement, the online reservations for extensions will not be honoured.

Early Returns Policy

Early returns may be subject to a full charge as per reservation.