Frequently Asked Questions

Address information:
5825 Dixie Rd
Mississauga, ON L4W 4V7
Phone: 416-222-HIRE(4473)

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Where are you located at the Toronto Airport?

We are an Off-Site Car rental company. Our offices are located minutes from the airport, but we do have a free shuttle that runs to and from the airport within office hours.

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Do I need a credit card or can I make a cash deposit?

At the time of the rental, for security reasons a credit card with atleast $500 available must be provided. Upon return you may pay with your choice of cash, debit or credit card.

How many additional drivers are allowed on a car?

There is a maximum of 2 additional drivers allowed on each contract. Additional charges may apply.

Do you allow out of province drop offs?

No, you must return the car at the same location that you pick it up.

Am I allowed to take the car across the border?

Yes. Travel destination must be informed at the time of rental. Additional charges and restrictions apply.

Is my mileage unlimited?

Kilometres are unlimited as long as the vehicle remains inside the province of Ontario, with a maximum of 3000km. However, if the vehicle is traveling outside of Ontario, kilometers are 200kms daily, 1400kms weekly, and 3000kms monthly.

Additional kilometers are charged according to vehicle size between $0.12 and $0.18 per km. Unlimited mileage does not apply to luxury, or specialty vehicles.