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12 Passenger Rentals in Toronto

Travel with a Great Peace of Mind and Savings
  • Excellent for family outings
  • Church Events
  • School Trips
  • Summer Camps
  • Sports Group Trips
A rental 12 passenger van is a great economical way for all to travel together and enjoy your time together. Renting a passenger van is a great idea for people who are traveling with a group of friends or family. Full Size Passenger vans are a great option for people going on vacation together. They are also great for children's parties as you can transport the children to their destination quickly and easily. Find excellent deals from Zoom Rent A Car.

12 passenger vans are ideal for Sports Groups and School Trips. If your playing team is not big enough to require a full bus for touring then one or two 12 passenger van rentals would suit your needs. Undoubtedly you would find it extensively cheaper and comfortable than hiring a bus to commute to the various sites. With a van rental you can go to your various arenas and destinations without having any concerns. You will have reliable transportation with comfort. Moreover, all our locations are near the airport and provide free shuttle service to and from the airport. When you are done, just bring the vehicle back to us and we will take you to the airport!

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